Auchan global sourcing---Company tour in CXM
DATE:17/3/2019    VIEW404

Oct. 15, 2018, Auchan company global sourcing(Sports cycling) principle Nike with his team come to CXM to have a company tour. Our president Mr. Yao yuman, CIBOX group chairman Mr. Song minglun, CIBOX-CXM global marketing director Georges particited in the receiption.


Subsequently, song said that with the aggravation of the energy crisis, and the increase of people's demand for low-carbon travel, electric vehicles as an important means of transport is playing a huge role.Song pointed out that electric vehicles as the most Chinese characteristics of the new energy vehicles, with a huge market and users, up to now, China's national electric vehicle ownership has broken through 250 million, the annual production and sales of more than 30 million vehicles, has been a veritable electric vehicle country.Car small mi intelligent technology always adhere to the road of independent innovation development of new, focus on intelligent short walking and intelligent terminal areas, from the balance of the car, skate scooter, lightweight lithium trams intelligent terminals, such as product innovation, quality assurance, after-sales service guarantee, such as the protection of intellectual property rights for innovation and development, is committed to build safe, green, fashionable short new energy intelligent transportation.


The two sides reached a preliminary consensus on the orders of electric scooter and e-bike in 2019, and it is estimated that auchan will sell 300,000 units in 2019 years.


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